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Courage, New Hampshire

Courage, New Hampshire

This is a photo of Courage New Hampshire using our Bible. James Patrick Riley shared this photo on face book this morning. Courage is in the process of filming the 4th show. If you have watched the first three shows like me, you will be familiar with the man holding our Bible. He has recently had an appearance on “Mad Men.” He’s a Harvard trained lawyer and a prosecutor by day. Visit their face book page or their web site at You can watch their series online or order DVDs for each episode.


Our books are in another movie about THE BEES THAT SAVED AMERICA.

Our books and a few friends are in another show. Take a look at this short video on face book and you may even see yourself. Bible Man did.

This was filmed at the Red River Meeting House in Logan County, Kentucky and Historic Locust Grove in Louisville, Kentucky, last fall, 2011.

You will have to sign into your face book account before you can watch this short, 4 minute video.

PBS show used our Bible in there tv show,”Lost State Of Franklin”.

Just finished watching a show on KET about the “Lost State Of Franklin”. It came on at 9:30 pm . It will be replayed on KET-2 Thursday, July 5, evening at 9:30. I saw George Cobb marrying a couple using one of our Bibles. To read more about this PBS program go to:

Our 1733 Bible to be used in tv series, “Courage, New Hampshire”

Courage, New Hampshire Bible (5 photos)

Mailing this Bible to Courage, New Hampshire, TV show today. They will be using it during their filming next month.

They used one of our 1733 New Testament in their previous show. You can see that photo in one of my previous blogs below.

Courage, New Hampshire

This is a photo taken during the filming of the dramatic television series, “Courage, New Hampshire”, of Rev. Silence Laud reading from one of our replica 1733 New Testaments.

You can watch the show using video on demand at:

Smithsonian Channel Program

I learned the fate of two of my 1733 New Testaments this morning and it gave me a good laugh. About a year ago I sent two 1733 New Testament text blocks to H. DeLea Sayers, Bookbinder,Journeyman of my trade, Master of my Bindery, He had told me that he was going to bind these two text blocks and they were to be used in a movie, but could not tell me any details. I rushed the text blocks out to him. DeLea contacted me, via email, this morning and shared what film they had been used in and how they were used. The movie has been and I believe is still airing on the Smithsonian Channel. It is about the restoration of Jefferson’s “Life & Morals of Jesus Christ” Bible (actually only the Gospels).

Thomas Jefferson was very concerned with the moral teaching of Jesus. A friend of mine, Tad Miller, purchased and gave me the book which this movie is about, The Jefferson Bible, The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth Extracted Textually from the Gospels in Greek, Latin, French & English, by Thomas Jefferson, the Smithsonian Edition last year. This is a very fine book. The first fifty or so pages tell all about how Jefferson created his own unique book of the gospels which he manage to keep mostly private during his life. The majority of this book is full of actual images of Jefferson’s “Bible.

Jefferson cut up some Bibles and then glued and pasted and made his own account of Jesus teachings but included none of Jesus’ miracles. I don’t get the Smithsonian Channel and thus have not yet seen this movie, but from what I have been told, the actor (Thomas Jefferson) used my/our two 1733 New Testaments that was bound by Sayers and actually cut them up just like Jefferson did in the movie and made a replica Jefferson Bible from them. How weird and cool.

Tad Miller purchased a copy of this DVD when he was at the Smithsonian and mailed it to me this week. I watched this show last evening. It is very informative. Jefferson was certainly not a Christian, but a Deist. You may purchase this DVD from the Smithsonian Store at the following link:

You can read more about and see the days and times that the Smithsonian channel will be airing this program at the following link:

Our 1733 Bible is being used at Kew Palace every day

If you have been following our blog, then you know that we sent one of our 1733 Bibles to the Tower of London to be held there until the Kew Palace kitchens have been restored. Our Bible is now being used there as part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Polly and I were at Kew several years (11 yrs.) ago during one of our vacations to England. The following link will take you to a video that shows and talks about the Kew kitchens where our Bible will be on display. I hope you enjoy the video. I also hope that if you get to Kew, you will take a photo or two or three of our Bible in its surroundings and email us some copies.